Empowering creators

We are driven by the future we want to see in the classical music industry, and supported in that vision by some of the foremost artists and organisations in the UK.

Explore the foundations of who we are, who we serve, and what we hope to achieve.


Your Turn Collective is a home, or an "incubator", where music creators from backgrounds under-represented in classical music are empowered through a period of research & development of their ideas to:

1. bring their creative vision to life, and
2. connect with organisations who will enable them to produce that vision on their terms.

A young woman of Asian descent practices the flute in a light-filled studio. The photo is taken from an angle under the raised lid of a grand piano, and behind her is an antique mirror and smaller keyboard instrument. She looks out of the large sash windows to the street, lost in thought, as if she's unaware the picture is being taken.


Your Turn Collective’s vision is of a world where music-creators have a platform that speaks to who they are as artists. These music-creators will come from all sectors of the creative arts industry - composers, DJ’s, instrumentalists, singers, dancers, producers, animators, etc - and we are looking to involve both those within classical music and those from other music genres and art forms who want to engage with classical music’s rich creative potential.

We intend to produce some work ourselves, but our goal is to match music-creators with partner organisations all over the UK, who will be committed to allowing them to flourish as artists on their own terms over a series of projects. These partner organisations include performance venues, opera companies, orchestras, hospitals, schools, chamber ensembles – click here to see the full cohort.

Together, these artists and organisations will explore new ways of engaging with wider audiences, create new experiences and new music, celebrate under-represented artists past and present, and produce new “takes” on classical repertoire and heritage.

A woman of mixed race, wearing a red long-sleeved top and dark skirt holds a large silver disco ball while sitting in a wheelchair. She looks directly at the viewer. The mood is impactful and assertive. Her long dark curly hair is out, spreading over her shoulders, and the wall behind her is grey. it is a very striking, strong image.


Over the past few years, changes in society and political activism have led to calls for this change to be better reflected across the arts. Although we celebrate the developments we have seen so far in classical music, structural and sustainable change has been slow coming, even more so in our post-pandemic world where inequalities in society are becoming increasingly clear.

We are just a few of a growing number of artists from diverse backgrounds who feel that the time is right to help change our industry, and therefore are seeking new ways to commission and create work which better represents who we are.


Your Turn Collective will be wherever you are! We understand the importance of being able to develop, incubate, and explore creating new work close to where you live. We have partners in major cities across the UK, and we will work wherever our music-creators are, whether in cities or more isolated communities.

There, we will bring you together with a hand-picked team to help support you and develop your work. These could be artists across music and art-form genres, or experts in producing, fundraising & communications, or experts in engaging with the audiences that you want to represent.

A black and white photo of a man of African origin playing solo saxophone in a concert. He is wearing a smart shirt and trousers, facing the left of the picture frame with stage light illuminating his face, and has his  hair swept up in a braded ponytail.