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Current projects

Our most recent application round has now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied.

Scroll down to read about our previous and current projects.

Future opportunities

In Autumn 2021, Your Turn Collective will be inviting applications for three exciting projects, which will receive Research and Development time in Spring 2022.

These projects will include:

  • a project around new music,
  • a project around underrepresented composers, and
  • a project around an underrepresented community setting, in healthcare, education or criminal justice.

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Four young boys in white choir cassocks sing in a church setting. They hold their music and look towards the right of the frame for the conductor's instruction. This is overlaid with the Tagline and heading, "Celebrating the Value of Music: Festival of St Cecilia".

2021 Composer Commission

As part of Your Turn Collective’s launch in Autumn 2021, we partnered with Help Musicians in a joint commission for Festival of St Cecilia's opening service in St Paul’s Cathedral on Wednesday 17th November 2021.